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The Signs of Declining Kidney Function

The kidneys work to remove toxins and waste from the blood, help control blood pressure, and produce hormones that regulate blood sugar levels. When your kidney function begins to decline, it can cause severe health problems such as chronic kidney…

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Easy Ways to Track Salt Intake

Salt shakers are a staple of most American households, and most of us don’t think twice about using them when enjoying a meal with loved ones. Although salt may seem harmless, did you know that high levels of sodium can…

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Best Snacks to Help High Blood Pressure

Many people struggle to find ways to eat healthily and keep their blood pressure under control. Luckily, there are plenty of alternative snacks that can help. High blood pressure can lead to various health problems and is often caused by…

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5 Ways to Improve Kidney Health

Kidneys act as your body's natural filter. A pair of healthy kidneys can filter about half a cup of blood per minute, removing waste and toxins from your body. Kidneys also serve to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance in…

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Tips for Passing Kidney Stones

Affecting more than half a million people each year, kidney stones are small pieces of minerals that build up due to chemicals in the urine. There are four kinds of kidney stones: calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine, and they…

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7 Ways to Prevent Renal Failure

Renal failure, or kidney failure, is a serious condition where the kidneys can no longer function properly, meaning that they are unable to remove waste or toxins from the bloodstream. Although you could be more at risk for developing kidney…

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What is Renal Failure?

Renal failure is defined as the loss of renal function. The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products from the blood to be excreted in the urine. When there is damage to these vital organs, they can no longer perform…

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