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Whole-Patient Care is a Cornerstone of Summit Medical

Dr. Arora, head of nephrology at Summit Medical Center (SMC), is known for his high level of care that has led to improved patient outcomes. In this video, Dr. Arora explains how a whole-patient approach to medical treatment allows his patients to get the best, most comprehensive care possible. Not only does he aim to slow kidney failure through the management of diabetes and high blood pressure, but he also provides primary care and visits his patients at the hospital, showing his holistic approach to treatment.

Ben is Grateful for Personalized Care

Ben has been a patient at Summit Medical Clinic (SMC) for close to 30 years, and a patient of Dr. Arora for 15 years. In this video, Ben explains that when his kidneys failed during his hip replacement surgery, Dr. Arora was the first person he called. Despite having a kidney function of just 50%, with Dr. Arora’s exemplary treatment, Ben can live his life without relying on dialysis or medications.

Sharon’s Tailored Care Helps Her Live Again

In this video, Sharon, a patient at Summit Medical Clinic (SMC), explains how she sought out Dr. Arora’s help for her diabetes and high blood pressure. When her kidney function began to decrease, Dr. Arora stepped in and recommended that Sharon go on dialysis. On her new treatment plan, Sharon says that SMC has “given me everything I need to function as a diabetic with high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.”

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